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About Us

We are four librarians who have come together as a creative team at Ethical Culture School in New York City.
We strive to make our library as child-centered as we possibly can. Over the spring and summer of 2011 we devised an alternative to the Dewey Decimal System; Metis is our new Categorization system designed from the child's perspective.

Tali Balas Kaplan, Andrea Dolloff, Sue Giffard, & Jennifer Still-Schiff

Metis Schedules

If you would like to see the complete Metis Schedules, first register an account with our site, then go to your email and click on the link and log in. Once you're logged in, click on the "Metis Schedules" menu tab to download the PDF.

Metis puts children first.

Metis is a flexible, intuitive and child-friendly system of library categorization. It uses whole language, visual cues, and logic that reflects children's own experiences. It puts the child in the center of his or her own search.

Our decision to create Metis is a result of our progressive approach to education and the library. The system isn't a cut-down version of adult thinking. Kids feel empowered to navigate the library because it is organized in a way that they understand. Metis increases the success rate of finding books, which fosters self-reliance and produces joyous discovery.

We have named the system in honor of the crafty Titan who is the mother of Athena and the eternal source of good advice for Zeus.
Take a look at our blog, Musings, to read and comment on the issues. Register and log in to read the full schedules for Metis. Thank you for your interest in Metis---we'd like to hear from you!